Today Is another day  

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I am very exhausted as I write this. Today we went swimming. Well it wasn't like we couldn't do that in our backyard since it rained and rained again. We are going to have such bad mosquitoes this year...but I regress. So I really had alot of fun. We were all trying to drown each other in the water...Great family we have eh??? And then I went on the diving board with my daughter. I have been getting to know the diving board a little better and today I got cocky. I went to dive and started to roll too soon and did a back flop. I was seeing stars for a long time after that. I don't think anyone around me realized how bad it was. I just stayed quiet for a long time thinking may be I shouldn't do that anymore. After we got home I never knew my family could be so quiet...LOL

I thought it was so funny though how brave my son is. He would jump right into the waves as if there was no tomorrow.

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