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Sunday, December 9, 2007

I think that sometimes at Christmas people are wondering if they have been regifted. I don't think I am....but there is this cool site that people tell their stories about being regifted. Regiftable.com tells those stories and you can even win for the greatest stories you tell. Here is an example....

Christmas gift time at a family member's home can be filled with regifted items. She thinks no one is on to her regifting. The last gift she gave me was a severing dish holder without the dish. When I opened the gift and looked at it, I knew it was the gift that I had purchased for her and had given her several years before. When I said there is no dish with the holder, her reply was, "It was in there when I wrapped the box". The box was the same box that held the dish and holder when I gave it to her. This was not the first time that she gave me a regifted item, set of Christmas glasses with one missing, a set of bath towels with the towel missing. She always says that all pieces were in the box when she wrapped and doesn't know what happen. Amazing how items get out of a wrapped box.I don't mind regifted gifts, as long as all of the pieces are there. -by Ann H. From: Lawrenceville, GA

So check it out.....

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