Tattoos and Mothers...  

Sunday, September 28, 2008

So this is my arm sleeve in it's third stage. I still have two more sessions to go.

I was at my favorite mom bloggers blog tonight, Cheaty Monkey, and I thought I better come here and send you some love. I miss talking to you all. But I only have so much of me to give.

But, I finally have the guts to talk about my tattoo. I was really excited to get my arm sleeve. I have wanted a koi fish for years now, and I know that I was ready to get a huge tattoo, I have five little ones already. So the last session, really really really hurt. I lasted maybe an hour and it was heavy duty shading. like all the green in the picture. It was tolerable...until he got to the top of the shoulder.

Someone nailed the sound for me. It sounded like a drill that a dentist uses, but on your shoulder. It vibrates like crazy throught that bone... Now, I was going in every three weeks to get work done on my sleeve. It would just heal and then I was in right away for another session. But now, four weeks has gone by and I say. Hold up...I need to wait one more week...and then I hope next week I'll be okay.

After, that session it hurt...and it didn't stop for a week and a half. Now, the hurt is like a really bad sunburn, times a million. After feeling that for a week I'm not really keen on going back. I have two more sessions left and I the last time I went into the parlor my artist was so happy to see what he had done. That makes it a little more worth it...but still super scary.

I got to get the courage to go through with it...then it will be done...and I probably will hold off getting another tattoo for about 4 years instead of 2. :)

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