One Of My Favorite Things....  

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I have to admit that I haven't always been into makeup. But lately I have been. I have been visiting Sephora more times lately then I ever thought I would. But my favorite eyeliner actually came to me by accident. I had entered a contest at and for the prize I got some makeup too. This Revlon Beyond Natural eyeliner came with it. I was really not into trying it out. I have always been so sensitive to eyeliner and actually stopped buying or wearing makeup all together because I couldn't find an eyeliner that I liked.

So the first couple of times that I used Beyond Natural I was impressed. I liked how it applied like it was liquid. And it was so easy to work with. I actually could apply it fast and it looked great. Now I have been on the hunt to find it here but I can't find it anywhere. I hope that it's just not available in the States.

What's your favorite eyeliner??

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