Happy Labor Day....YAY!!!  

Monday, September 3, 2007

It's Labor Day again. It's crazy to think that tomorrow the kids will be going to school. Both of them. Ty won't be in a normal schedule till next week so it will be kinda crazy. I go bring him to the school and stay there and then he goes for his half day Wednesday and then no school Thursday and then his normal two hours on Friday. Very busy and very confusing.

You know I was thinking last night...I know a very dangerous thought for everyone...me thinking. But anyways....I saw this washcloth in there and it looks like it has soap scum on it...but I didn't really want to know and I didn't want to put in the laundry...so guess what I did! I threw it away! I find I do that a lot. I am really anal about some things. I don't want my dirty bacteria infested cloths with my clothes. So you are asking yourself...why doesn't she do them in a different load? I know that is a really good idea but let me tell you this. It is a toonie ($2 coins) for a load of laundry...and then it takes 2 toonies ($2 coins) to dry them. Now that is $6...do I just throw it away or waste $6 to do it?? I would just throw it away. I did that for my son and whenever he puked really bad on blankets or recieving blankets I would just throw them away. We share a washer and dryer with 11 other apartments so I don't want it to get gross in there!

Now that I have told you about my anal obsession...do you really think I am weird?

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