Holy cow I have been busy...  

Friday, September 7, 2007

Sorry, I haven't been around. I have been going crazy getting Ty off to school. And there is that little matter of - well the Trojan Horse on my computer. My husband is going to literally kill me when he finds out. I had them do a sweep and they found it (spysweeper) but I can't afford a subscription. But then I remembered that we get all that free with the company we get the internet from. So I'm like okay...I can fix this. So I get that ready to be installed but of course...it's not compatible with Vista! Like OMG they sell you this computer and they know that we have Windows Vista on here and then they say that you get this ecare for free. I am soooo upset thinking about it. To top it off its a remote Trojan Horse...they can get into my computer anytime. That is why I don't do my banking on here...and no amount of money sits in my Paypal account.

My day has kinda been going like this all day. I go to the grocery store by myself and they overcharge me $4 for my cereal. Then I go to the library and some lady just pulls my son off the pre-school computer because she wanted her son to go on. Then...I go to go home. It's really cold out today (10C) and we were waiting a half an hour for a bus and the bus just goes by us. That totally ticked me off. I am having such a bad day!

I wonder what is going to happen next!

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