Confessions of A Housewife...  

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I am sooo embarassed!! I really am...I just have to confess! I tried to fix my daughter's door and got it all wrong! My daughter has this cheap door up for her bedroom door. It keeps falling apart...and we have to keep putting it back together. So yesterday, when it fell apart I told my husband I would take care of it because he had to work and stuff.

So there I was gluing it together, feeling proud because once again I would kiss his butt in fixing something. I had hoped when it dried that the door would line up and I would be able to put the pins in and it would be all good. But, I thought..."I'll think about that later..."

My daughter was just about to go to bed and she said she would help me put the door back..GIRL POWER!! So there I was all proud of myself...and then it happened. The pins didn't line up. I would have to put the door up upside down!!!

I still haven't told my husband...he hasn't asked...he is just happy the door is up...but when he finds out ... he will laugh...and say..."Yup, men can do a better job!"

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