We went to see Horton Hears A Who  

Friday, March 28, 2008

So I did it...I ventured into a world so unlike my own. The movie theatre! I tell you I have never been to a big city theatre before!! And I have lived in this big city for 8 years now! It's weird how you buy the tickets yourself. WEIRD! And then the food is way overpriced! For the three of us to go it would have been $100 easy. But oh no, we got in free!

So we sat at the movies with our large popcorns and large drinks in hand...Ty says...mom...I have to go to the bathroom. We were in the middle of the aisle. Now I'm a little freaked out when people sit beside me so I didn't really want to go. But we did.

The movie started and the kids couldn't get over how huge the screen was.

The movie was awesome. I almost cried at the end.

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