5 Great Things At The Dollar Store You Can Buy  

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I saw this video earlier about 5 great things you can get at the dollar store. I know I live at the dollar store pretty much. Here are their 5 suggested things...
Cleaning supplies - Look for products like laundry detergent and liquid drain opener. You may not see name brands you recognize, but that’s ok. The Good Housekeeping Institute says most dollar store cleaning products have the same ingredients as name brands — although some may be slightly more diluted.

Gift wrap, tissue, ribbons, bows - You can save a pretty penny shopping for gift wrappings. In fact, you might find this stuff at up to 80% less.

Snack food - Check out potato chips, peanuts, chocolate and candy. Hey, if you’re heading for big dental bills, might as well save a buck or two on the causes.

Dollar store shampoo - Hair care experts say most shampoos will clean your hair just fine - there’s only minor differences in a brand’s ingredients and concentration.

Kitchen supplies - Spatulas… measuring cups… can openers… melon ballers… skewers for the grill: basically anything without a blade is a dollar store deal — that could save you up to 95%!

I also say that Scrapbooking supplies is another good one. You can find gems in there!!


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