Someone judging me...  

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I think my arm looks amazing. I am so happy that it is finally done! And then times like today make me so mad. Does it look so horrible that people have to treat me differently? I went to pick a pack of smokes for my husband at the store. The lady looked me up and down. I was dressed up in a nice silk shirt and jeans and my makeup was done. I was just like any other person. You can see my other tattoos but of course they aren't as huge as that one. I was like whatever. Maybe she will smile and say that my arm is nice. I'm not used to having to have a conversation every time but I guess that's my own fault.

I asked her for two packs of smokes...she kinda puts her nose up at me and then asks for I.D. Now, you have to be 18 here to buy smokes so I was like in my know I am over 18, I have tattoos all over the place. But I listen and get my license out. She checks it over...I am 33. So I think she has nothing to even worry about. She wouldn't give me back my license but says. We don't have that kind so I don't know what you want to do...I reach over take my license back and walk away.

Why couldn't she tell me that before she asked for my I.D.? Probably because she wanted to treat me differently. Honestly, tattoos are so mainstream now. And if I wore a long sleeved shirt and jeans no one would ever know. So why treat me that way then? It's a fish on my's not a naked's not's not a skeleton. But, even then...why do I deserve to get treated different because of my ink?

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