I'm going on vacation....  

Monday, August 6, 2007

SO tomorrow I leave on vacation. My good friend and partner in crime (shhhh don't tell anyone...) will be taking over until I get back. Please make confessing7girl welcome. She's really cool!! (Confessing I know you can do it. And before you know it I'll be back. That number one is for you!!!)

Anyways, it's been a crazy day trying to get everything together. WE have such a little car that it should be fun trying to get everything plus the four of us and the two cats in. I just hope it's not a really long ride!!

I can't wait to get back to show you all my pictures. I bought a million batteries so the only thing I can run out of is disc space and I have a 1G card in. If I see any bears I'll tell them to pose so that you will be able to see them. Have a good week. I'll miss you all!!

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