A new movie!  

Friday, August 31, 2007

This is a movie of Ty from right before we went camping. It's a new kind of movie format. It is from Gather. I have decided to try and download my movies here and get paid to do it.

I am totally enjoying my time there. I have created 4 of my own groups there. Everyone is sooooo nice. Go check out Gather by pressing the button. My name is taylorblue so look for me there. You can do just about anything there! And you see the payment a lot quicker than other places out there. I have articles, pictures and movies there.

P.S. I had to tell you! Last night I had two really weird dreams! I dreamt of Criss Angel and he would show me lots of magic. And then I had a dream of Paris Hilton. I was texting Nicole Richie on her phone. It was like how funny!! Thought you would all like to know!

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