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Sunday, May 27, 2007

All the bloggers at BlogCatalog have decided to use their powers for good for once. Monday bloggers around the world are posting about, a site where you can donate to specific classroom learning projects and specific schools in need around America.

Bloggers have been given a 'challenge' containing 9 proposals made by real teachers. We have been asked to raise awareness about our challenge and invite readers to donate. Should you choose to donate, you can help fund specific proposals, such as Woodlake Elementary school 's call for help to replace computers that were damaged or lost in hurricaine Katrina. In fact, many of the proposals come from Woodlake. You can fund one teacher's need to buy the LeapFrog series of books to help the autistic children in her class learn to read. And so on. Or you can donate to the challenge as a whole, it's up to you.There is no minimum amount to give, and every cent counts.

So if you're interested, get donating.

Click here to help the American schools.

If you can't make a contribution but have a blog, why not post about the project?

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