MY personal Response to the Bully Article  

Monday, May 21, 2007

I was very moved as were others about this bullying article I included. I thought I would share my personal experiences on the subject.

It all started for me in the seventh grade. I had just moved to a new school and I wanted to be accepted. One day we were all talking on the bus about weird things. (I don't want to get into the topic because to this day I am still embarrased to tell people.) The next day I went and told these people something that they took the wrong way. So from grade seven to grade eleven I was bugged about it. People would say things to me in the hallway and they would even write rude things in my yearbook about it. I would be so upset because the worst things would be said on the way home on the bus.

I couldn't tell my mom about it because she would just say it was my fault somehow and I couldn't tell anyone at school because at that time it was something you never did. So I went through high school with this on my back. I'm sad to say though that I ended up writing a suicide letter to the school to read if I ended up commiting suicide...(Here it is...I have never shared this with anyone before...but if it makes one person go tell someone about their bullying it's worth it.)

Please read aloud,
For all those people that bugged me
Thanks for making me do this
The pressure became too much for me
I couldn't handle it anymore.
I warned you but you never listened, I thought
you would act a bit older.
I thought if I told what I did to the people
on my bus in grade seven I thought I would be popular. Well,
look what happened, you told everyone and it's
haunted me for five years. I thought it might carry on till
high school ended, I had to get out, I couldn't handle it.
For all those people I love out there, you know who you are
"I love you and never will forget about you, so don't forget me.
You were the ones who changed my life, you were there when I
nedded you, my support and my help!"

That was kinda creepy to write down...but it had to be said. These kids need to go for help before it can get to this point. We should all be so lucky to live in a perfect world I guess.

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