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Friday, May 18, 2007

So here it is for you today. So this is the beginning of the long weekend for us here in Canada. Victoria Day weekend it's called...Queen Victoria's birthday. (They don't even celebrate this in England so we are special!) But anyways I came across some cool urban legends and I thought I would share them with you. You can thank me later when you are sitting by the campfire or in your tent wondering what that scratching noise is...

A girl was babysitting two kids who wanted to watch TV in their parent's bedroom, but they were scared of a large clown statue in the corner. She called the parents to ask permission to cover the statue. The parents screamed, "Get the kids out of the house! We don't have a clown statue-it's a murderer!" The clown turned out to be a serial killer-and the babysitter and the children were never heard from again.

A girl got on a train and sat opposite a woman who was sitting between two men. She thought the women was staring at her, but the woman had a hood on so she wasn't sure. A man got on at the next stop and sat next to her. After a minute he whispered, "Get off at the next stop. You have to trust me." She got off at the next stop with the man. As the train sped by, he told her, "I'm a doctor, and that woman was dead. The men beside her were holding her up."

So today's question is:

What is the best urban legend you have heard of?

Have a good weekend...keep smiling.

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