People are Wacky  

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Today I think I want to focus on how wacky people can be. Especially when you are out in public. I remember a while back...and the last time...we went out to eat at a restaurant. My son was just not into eating anything more. So he decided he was going to crawl around and act like a baby. It was getting so busy in there that he almost tripped people bringing food to the table. So I did what I had to do. I grabbed a hold of him and he started to scream. Nothing like having your shirt riding up your back and your underwear showing, having this screaming kid to contend with and the stares. I think there should have been a neon light above me saying, "LOOK AT THIS MOM!!!" What we ended up doing is finishing our supper and removed him from the premises. He screamed all the way and I ended up carrying him to the car. It's crazy that people can just aggravate you even more by staring. Like come on about 60% of those people have probably been in the same situation.

Today's question is:

What is the worst temper tantrum your child has had?

Have a good day and remember...Keep smiling!!

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