Getting Old  

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I have been trying to think of what to write all day. I have come up with nothing. Really nothing has happened that has stuck out in my mind. Except when I went to the grocery store. (I go there everyday, mostly to get out of the house.) There was this lady in front of me. On Wednesday's its Seniors day there. She complained the bus was late and there was no way she would finish all her shopping. It was just crazy thinking that may be one day that would be me...but you know I'm too perfect to be like that. I'm sure my kids will send me to an old folks home because I drive them crazy already.

When I was in high school my best friend had the most charming grandmother. She would just sit there and talk to you about everything. If you were ever down you could go to her and talk to her and she would always make you laugh. EVERYTIME! I would definitely have to say she was the most interesting person in my life.

Today's question is:

WHo is the most interesting person in your life??

Have a good day and keep smiling.

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