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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

This award was awarded to me by 7confessions.It is a new award awarded for bloggers who are committed to their craft. Blogging isn't always easy but when I know my readers want to read fresh content every day it drives me. So here are my five choices for my favorite bloggers that are schmoozilicious (omg that is hard to spell).IF you are awarded this award feel free to name 5 people in your blog to name! But there is no pressure.

Go! Smell the Flowers-These guys are the best. They have been so supportive in the ranting I have done in their comment boards. They have bee stirring the flower pot! They tagged me awhile back so I will pay them back with this award!

Random Thoughts from the Mind of Me-This girl I met through Link Referral. What a great blog different from the rest of the parenting ones out there. She writes from the heart and is not afraid of what people think of what she says. A recent post was about a nursing mom whose child is five years old and still nursing.

Lady Penelopes Thoughts-Penelope and I are pretty new friends. She never fails to leave me with a smile on my face. She is also the leader so far in my kick my butt game!! Way to go girl! love that this blog supports the other bloggers on the network. Way to go Scott. You deserve this award!! They always have me thinking over there!

Amanda Carrell-This girl tagged me in my quote blog but I'll get her here instead. She is a writer. A writer of things I can't type on my family site but you can go on her site and check it out. Keep on writing Amanda....go girl power!

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