Sorry...I'm writing this late...  

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sorry, I am writing so late. I had to go to the hospital to get the MRI done of my head and back. A while back I had these chest pains and my left hand went numb and my left eye went black. I went to see an eye doctor and they couldn't find anything so I went to go see a MS doctor. They say they are pretty confident it isn't MS but I wanted another brain scan just to make sure. The MS doctor says she thinks its just a pinched nerve in my wrist.

I am so scared of small spaces. I had a MRI in Semptember so I thought I would be ok. But this time I saw what was on me and I saw how close the walls were...I started to hyperventilate but I calmed myself down. It was so long I managed to calm myself down so much I fell asleep.

After I was done that we went out for supper at the Chinese restuarant. My husband loves it because he can eat all he wants. And boy did he ever. The people next to us were commenting on our tattoos...I don't think I look like a freak...mine are pretty small (for now, wait till I get my sleeve!). I don't think I would scare anybody. I don't know...some people don't like them.

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