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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I can't believe it isn't time for bed yet. Today, has to be one of the longest days on the face of the earth for me. My kids are outside playing so I have an actual moment to take a deep breath and write.

So today is the first day without my husband at home. He told me he had to make us some money or something...anyways...the kids have been taking advantage of me ever since he left for work. They know that I can't run after them or grab their arms and walk them nicely to the house. So instead I have resorted to yelling. Even in the house. If I don't pull a muscle yelling I'll be very surprised. Do you know that you use your stomach muscles to talk?? Heck, I didn't until I tried to yell and got this sharp jutting pain.

Then there is the issue of the lump! I have a big lump that runs across my incision...ok insert your gasp here...but my husband said the incision wasn't infected, he finally was brave enough to look at it. Nothing is as good for the self esteem as your husband not wanting to look at you. But I called the doctor and they said to just keep an eye on it. I think its something like blood pooling up underneath or something. Whatever it is...that doesn't sound good!

So I must admit I did something bad today...I went for a long walk with the kids. Like 50 minutes straight. My husband keeps telling me to slow down. But you know it's hard for a mom to do that! I wanted the kids to be happy. It has been so blasting usually is in the 30's (C) for the first two weeks of July and then it cools off bad....But I wanted to do something with the I did. But now I am totally paying for it!

Thanks for being here to listen to me....

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